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Become a High Roller in Australia 2020

Who wouldn’t want that? To finally make a huge profit and then retire decades earlier,it’s not that simple. Either you crack the lottery jackpot – or play in the online casino! At least with the latter, the chances of winning a considerable amount of money are much higher. But even here the “mega-wins” are not always the order of the day, and if such a jackpot is cracked, it is usually by a “high roller”. High Rollers are very risk-loving players who like to invest large sums of money in their games and have correspondingly higher chances of “snatching” even the six-digit winnings – especially on pokie machines this is not exactly rare.

High rollers are usually very experienced players who know exactly what they are doing and have the funds available to invest heavily in their game. They are confident enough to always put all their eggs in one basket and like to play at the limit. Since such users bring the casinos a lot of revenue, there are many online casino providers that grant these players a “V.I.P” status and also allow them certain bonuses.

The Term “High Roller”

It is about the ball that rolls, or the dice that fall, but also the cards that are dealt, in short it is about casino games. High stands for the sums that a player (the roller) bets in a casino.

A player who bets a lot of money in a casino is called a high roller. Players who bet a certain amount have a special position in a casino. The VIP status brings a player great advantages. The more a gamer wagers, the higher the extra’s. There is often even a free flight or a stay in a good hotel in it.

High Roller and VIP Clubs

In many online casinos, high rollers belong in a special VIP club, which gives the player many advantages. They receive special benefits and enjoy a special status. Usually VIP players regularly invited to various events.

They get a personal advisor who is always ready to listen to their concerns and questions. Many surprises await a high roller player, which brings a lot of money to a casino. For this reason, most casinos mollycoddle their VIP’s in a very special way.

The Games wich Professional Gamblers/ High Rollers often Play

Which games successful high roller gamblers play depends on their individual talent. However, hardly any professional gambler is to pure gambling in the (online) casino, so that priority is given to games in which an advantage can be gained over other players or the house.

Classical games of chance such as roulette or pokie machines usually only gamble with those high rollers who are wealthy and do not run the whole thing professionally. The others concentrate on Poker and Blackjack, for example.

Some of the most successful High Rollers in Australia have become multimillionaires with Poker. They won a major poker tournament, for example at the WSOP, and were then to be found again at the cash game tables with the highest stakes.

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How to become a High Roller

To become a High Roller, you either need years of experience in gambling, a specialization in a particular game such as poker, talent and lots of hard work or just a lot of money. Many hobby gamblers are under the misapprehension that the differences between low and high limits are comparatively small.

However, the opposite is the case. The bigger the stakes become, the more mathematical considerations and psychological skills play a role. Many professional poker players also work with comprehensive analysis programs and tracking software to better understand their opponents’ game and continuously improve their own.

In addition, they often play at night and have a daily routine that is contrary to that of a traditional employee. On the other hand, those who are wealthy and only play the highest stakes for fun are more likely to win big prizes.

Every Player has a Chance to Become a High Roller

But if you think that online casino providers only want to see high rollers in their clientele, you are mistaken. In principle, every player has a chance to win – no matter how much money he bets – and high rollers are also set limits – betting limits, to be precise. And that’s right, because just imagine that a millionaire would bet infinite sums of money and win them back – many times over and over! Such a procedure would drive an online casino into ruin within hours days.

Nevertheless, as already mentioned, every respectable online casino offers a special VIP program for high rollers. Often they are even given gifts or offered trips. In some cases, high rollers even get their own account manager. Of course, these players also get access to certain bonus systems that regular players often haven’t even heard of.

A High Roller Bonus Program

First of all, it should be emphasized that the High Roller Bonus Program is only available to those who make deposits and the minimum wagering requirements are high. So it is quite possible that the player will have to deposit thousands of dollars to benefit from the so-called “match bonus”, which often amounts to 25%-50%. Some online providers even promote the first use of the High Roller with 100%, which is not often the case, however.

However, it is also important here that you should not be tempted by the high bonus sums alone, as it is precisely the sales conditions that the online provider sets that determine the quality of the bonus. What does this mean exactly? Very simple: The bonus only comes into effect if the entire wagering has been played a certain number of times. And this is always different depending on the casino – sometimes it only has to be ten times, in other cases 30 times. In any case, it is important to read the terms and conditions and the bonus distribution guidelines carefully before deciding whether or not to take advantage of the High Roller Bonus System.

If you have decided to participate in a High Roller Bonus Program and you have the necessary qualifications, you should of course also observe the payout rules – often high winnings are paid out in pro rata amounts each month. However, it always depends on the individual rules of the provider.

What Advantages do high rollers have?

High Rollers enjoy a lot of advantages. They regularly receive invitations from the casino and are provided with the most beautiful hotel suites for free. Also for the visit in one of the noble restaurants or in a club, a High Roller has to pay nothing of course. However, a High Roller will of course pay for these advantages through his stakes. Should a High Roller decide to play less and only take advantage of the benefits, these will become less in the future. It is true that a casino will not drop a High Roller after a trip in which he plays very little. But in the long run, casinos are of course not willing to pay former high rollers for their holidays. The High Roller status is therefore not for life, but only in the course of the player’s career.

The Difference Between a High Roller and a Regular Customer

Fortunately, not only the real High Rollers receive VIP treatment in the big casinos of the world. Other players who regularly visit a casino can also benefit from many rewards. This usually requires a Players Card with which to track their own gaming behaviour. Players receive bonus points for their bets, which they can exchange for restaurant visits, tickets or other rewards. It works in a similar way with the online casinos currently operating in Australia. There, players can collect loyalty points with their stakes and increase their VIP level over time. As a reward for reaching new VIP levels, there are numerous rewards and bonus offers. Regular customers of online casinos often receive particularly attractive promotions and bonuses from VIP managers.

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